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Our Collective

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The Southwest Black Arts Collective focuses on four things to support the practices of its members:

  • Networking
    SBAN hosts virtual and in-person gatherings, retreats, and workshops for artists to exchange information develop professional and social contacts, and connect to curators, and collectors.
  • Collaborating
    For many, art-making is a solo practice. SBAN facilitates opportunities for its members to work together creating and showing work.
  • Resource sharing
    A vibrant art practice doesn’t just involve making art; there is a business side, too. Using the knowledge and expertise found within the Network, members share information and resources on documenting and archiving work, contracting, budgeting, writing cover letters and resumes, pricing work, shipping, grant and residency proposal writing, and more.  
  • Curating exhibits and public programming
    Network members have opportunities to participate in group exhibitions, artist talks, and public workshops to connect to new audiences across the Southwest.