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Amber Doe

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Amber Doe is an interdisciplinary artist working in textile, sculpture, installation, sound, photography and video. Doe creates generative, immersive works with urgency based on American state… Read More »Amber Doe

Allison Miller

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Allison Miller is a painter from Tucson, Arizona. She studied Sociology and Africana Studies at CUNY Brooklyn College, graduating in 2008. She learned to paint… Read More »Allison Miller

bianca Goyette

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bianca goyette is a multi-media and performing artist based in Angel Fire, NM, and Chicago, Il.  She is a photographer working in still and moving… Read More »bianca Goyette

Our Collective

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The Southwest Black Arts Collective focuses on four things to support the practices of its members:

Elizabeth Burden

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Elizabeth Burden is a multidisciplinary artist blending studio work with social practice.  She uses drawing, painting, sculpture, video, coding, mapping, and other media and processes. Her… Read More »Elizabeth Burden

Alanna Airitam

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Questioning generalized stereotypes and the lack of fair representation of Black people in art spaces has led photographer Alanna Airitam to research critical historical omissions… Read More »Alanna Airitam